Massage at my place or your place

ACTIVE - you participate

ISOLATED - we stretch one muscle or muscle group at a time

STRETCHING - to elongate past its normal resting length

 AIS is the perfect complement to your workout routine. With greater range of motion, you will be able to build and tone your muscles more effectively.  It is also great just for getting rid of some chronic shoulder, back, or leg issues you might have.  

     Active Isolated Stretching is NOT  a massage where you just lay there and let the massage therapist do all of the work. It is not a relaxing massage. You actively participate.  You will be asked to contract a specific muscle, which is the antagonist (opposite acting) muscle to the muscle being stretched. Once you have reached your end range of motion, I will take the stretch slightly beyond that end range of motion and hold it there for 1.5 or 2 seconds. This will be done for several repetitions. The main reason for this short time frame is to avoid the stretch reflex. When you hold a stretch for more than 3 seconds, your stretch reflex kicks in. Your brain will tell your body to start contracting your muscle because it has a fear of tearing the muscle when stretched for a long period of time or too far. You can not get an optimal stretch of a muscle if it is also contracting. 

      Some of the benefits of Active Isolated Stretching are:

  • Optimizes muscle and tendon range of motion up to 1.6 times its resting length. 
  • Facilitates the removal of metabolic waste products
  • Improved oxygenation eliminates carbon dioxide and improved circulation eliminate lactic acid build up
  • Rehabilitates muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries
  • Facilitates the flow of lymphatic fluid that allows channeling toxic products out of the body
  • Enhances athletic performance in conditioning. Optimal flexibility requires less energy expenditure in movement allowing for increased stamina and performance enhancement of speed, agility, and strength
  • Flexibility promotes improved blood circulation and oxygenation, nourishing cells, tissues, and organs restoring health and wellness

     A session of AIS can be structured to address a certain problem area or for the whole body. It is a great way to start your time at the gym because it will help get your muscles warmed up along with increasing your range of motion before you start your workout routine, AIS will help your overall wellness.